Susan Goh Contemporary Fine Art

Exploring - Mixed Media oil  18x24x1.5

“Exploring” was an exceptional fun piece to create. It takes me down another memory lane.  Growing up in Singapore, we have traffic everywhere.  Most of us live in high rise building and we don’t own a bike and so I didn’t learn how to cycle till I was old enough to take the bus to East Coast Park. We could then rent a bike for the day and just go round exploring the park. I remember how once I was navigating my way around a group of other cyclist that I fell and ripped my pants.  I was very embarrassed but move right along.  Managed to find some safety pins and stitched my pants up for the day. For years after, I always have safety pins in my purse.  Cherish yesterday, Dream Tomorrow but Live today.

I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart – Vincent Van Gogh

"Here I Am" - oil on 18x24x1.5 gallery wrapped canvas.

When I first set eyes on this image, I was very excited. I don't know much about this individual except the fact that she is different.  After I did the under painting. I started to research more about her and to find out that there was a movie showing in CamelBack which is about 50 miles one way.  Needless to say, I HAVE to see this movie.  I totally adored her spirit and love her outlook in life.  Iris Apfel is 83 and is full of inspiration and without a doubt fearless.  She is indeed the First Lady In Jeans.

Prolific Dancer - Oil on 24x36 canvas -SOLD
When I decided to paint this red dancer, many thoughts went thru my mind.  I was hesitant as I couldn't see  much ( in the middle of my eye saga) and was wondering if this was too ambitious a task. I did not share my feeling with anyone but jump right in.  I am glad I did.  I had a great time creating this piece and am very happy that I did. have acquired this piece and is available for sale.
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