Susanwas born and raised in Singapore and currently resides in Arizona with her husband and four wonderful dogs. Susan's Chinese name is 吴 思 宇 (Goh/Wu Si Yi) literately means thinking of the universe or cosmos thinker.

She believes that painting does wonders to soul - like the 6th element. Art brings out the umami of life just like salt brings out the favor in food. 

For most of her life, she was caught up in the fast paced City-State lifestyle of her home in Singapore. Growing up in a era where the priority is a stable income,  "Art" was indeed a rate word even in dreams.

Life is kind and grace her with a second chance and she celebrates life with color and expression. Inspired by her ideas and things around her she transfers them to the substrate adding her own interpretation to it.


When asked about her goal, Susan says: ' Her vision is to share the beauty of art with the world. Susan says that art brings people together regardless of race, language or religion - Art is a universal language spoken from the heart with the stroke of a brush and the splash of paint.

Susan welcomes you to live in the moment with her for yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here.


Painting is stronger than I am. It can make me do whatever it wants.

-  Pablo Picasso


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Vango Art
Gallery- 220
Fine Art America


World Showcase of Arts, Wynn Casino Resort, Las Vegas – December 2012

​​​​Susan Goh Contemporary Fine Art